Biegaj Discography

Crusade Featuring Eddie Biegaj

Tournament                                        2006    Peppermint Records

Purple                                                  2004    Runner Records           Male Vocalist of the year  IPA Eddie

Female Vocalist of the Year USPA Krystal

In Response To Exile                           2002    Runner Records           Band of the Year USPA

Song of the Year USPA “Ready to Dance”

Male Vocalist of the year USPA Eddie

Medley-it is                                          2000    Runner Records

A Powerful Story                                  1999    Runner Records

Utopia                                                 1998    Runner Records

In Your Face                                       1997    Sunshine Records        Album of the Year Whammy Awards

A New Trist On An Old Tradition      1996 Sunshine Records


Toledo PolkaMotion  (TPM)

Favorite Traditional Polkas & Waltzes 1994 WRS

Visions                                                 1993 WRS

Party All Nite                                       1992 WRS

Feel The Motion                                 1991 WRS                              Band of the Year USPA

Grand Illusion                                     1990 WRS                              Grammy Nominated

Band of the Year USPA

Song of the Year USPA “Red Berries”

Album of the Year USPA

Male Vocalist of the Year USPA Eddie

TGIF                                                   1989 WRS                              Band of the Year USPA

Polka Heaven 87                                 1987 TOPOMO Records

Join the Fun                                         1985 LeMans Records

Polkas In Motion                                 1983 LeMans Records

Bud Hundenski and the Corsairs

Resurgence                                          2010    Peppermint Records


Troubadours                                        1980    Bem-Star


Solo Projects

Eddie Biegaj and Eric Hite Polish Koledy and Religious Motets  2006


Guest Appearences

We are Family                        Polka Family Band                  Grammy Nominated

Polish Village Christmas vol II    Polish American Journal Presents     2007

Live at Holy Toledo    Toledo PolkaMotion

Memories of Love       Toledo PolkaMotion               Special Alzheimer’s project

A WRS Christmas       Toledo PolkaMotion

Tony’s Polka Band

Several Recordings       Bob Zielinski

Live at Wildwood        John Stevens and Double Shot

45                                Toledo PolkaMotion 1982

Cassingle                      Toledo PolkaMotion   1994

Bavarski – A new breed of Polkas!