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Bavarski —  A new brand of polkas

What do you get when you mix when you mix one of the hottest jazz organists with one of the most versatile drummers around and an opera singer? New York City’s newest Polka Sensation- BAVARSKI! Of course, these aren’t just any musicians putting on lederhosen and pumping out Roll out the Barrel!! Ron Oswanski grew up with an accordion in Toledo, Ohio long before he learned about bebop—listening and playing with his father’s polka band. Also hailing from the land of mud hens- Eddie Biegaj, was singing Polish folk songs

with his concertina and accordion while starting an early journey into polka superstardom as a founding member of the Grammy nominated Toledo Polkamotion, after getting his formal classical voice training. Add the foreign element of Wayne Dunton (a native of the far off land of New Jersey) who was caught stealing Kishka at family Polish weddings and toured nationally with many world class bands while gigging and recording with numerous jazz, rock and classical luminaries. To round out the quartet of polka-rockin’ all stars, add the 2nd New Jersey element of Ernie White to the equation..  Ernie, sharped his musical skills along side his contemporaries Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi in the hey-day of rock-n-roll in New Jersey.  He continues to write, produce, and perform on a very high standard keeping rock-n-roll in Trenton alive!  With this quartet, you have a band that has the old soul of polka men, the full repertoire of a rocking party band, and the sophistication of jazz cats….

Check out BAVARSKI for your next Oktoberfest, Polka Party, Biergarten or Dance Event… You will have fun.